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Violet Luczak is a multidisciplinary artist creating painting, design and interactive sculptures. Her life as a professional designer and educator informs her practice. Working at the intersection of art and design, Luczak’s work opens up questions about gender binaries and the relation between body and identity.
Luczak’s work has primarily focused on sex, womanhood and inequality but has begun to move towards gender and as her own identity shifts. Luczak creates whimsical, stylized characters that invite play. By opening doors, pulling strings and manipulating objects, the viewer can create their own experience. Luczak’s work creates obstacles that, if worked through, reward the viewer as they search for answers. Luczak’s work seeks to open up questions surrounding identity and encourage viewers to consider where their own identities originate from.
View An Udder Disaster, Luczak's solo show at Talking Tolls, Detroit MI.

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