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Poet Mario Benedetti wrote that “we paint because screaming is not enough and neither crying nor rage is enough. We paint because we believe in the people and because we will conquer defeat.” As a radical and anti-capitalist visual artist in the 21st century, my work is a weapon against the absence of responsibility displayed by the powerful.


Utilizing design and painting, my work demonstrates how the pursuit of profit has drowned out human morality, leaving a patriarchal path of environmental and socio-political destruction across the globe. Referencing popular culture and traditional advertisements, I paint loaded symbols, such as overtly sexualized women, images depicting Big Dairy and graphics that allude to monetary gain. I paint typographic elements that rely on wordplay and puns to add a whimsical twist to otherwise dark concepts. Rooted at the intersection of feminism and socialism, my work aims to build solidarity within our communities over the common interest of today’s struggles, such as labor injustices, environmental destruction and toxic hierarchical cultural norms.


View An Udder Disaster, Luczak's solo show at Talking Tolls, Detroit MI.

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