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Products of Experience is a series of packages, each tied to a specific formative moment in my life. Important life events from every other year are displayed in chronological order, beginning with 1997 and ending with 2017.

Packaging is typically used in a commercial context to provide information and prompt a consumer to purchase an item. When packaging is removed from a commercial context, it becomes sculptural, allowing the object to exist between the familiar structures of daily life and something more personal. This shared visual vernacular of common, everyday objects creates a familiar entry point to engagement with the work, and allows ideas to be represented explicitly, while highlighting the relationship between what’s visible on the outside and the unseen contents within.

The package contents range from conceptual to literal, and the packaging is made from a variety of materials, such as SBS board, PET film, glass, ceramic decals, adhesive transfers, silk screening, and foil, all while utilizing an array of printing techniques. Each package template, logo, and illustration was designed by hand.

Templates available upon request